Our Intentions…


At Sea People Beauty we take it back to basics. We create simple and powerful beauty products with primitive ingredients so you can nourish your skin and mind while nurturing a positive impact on the ocean.

Sea People Beauty formulas never contain fillers, synthetic preservatives, parabens, phthalates, petroleum or synthetic fragrances to drain into our bodies or our ocean. 

Plant based products don’t have to be expensive products. Sea People Beauty keeps beauty formulas simple and stands on the foundation of giving back to our ocean. We commit to donating 10% of our profits to organizations that commit to clean up, preserve and protect marine life and our ocean, waves and beaches. Every dollar spent with Sea People goes further by benefitting the health of your body, your wallet and your direct and long term impact on the planet. 

By working with suppliers who ethically source quality ingredients from nature, using biodegradable, recyclable or recycled packaging materials and advocating for our ocean by donating procedes to ocean conservation, we maintain a multi faceted approach that we know can make a difference. 

Here is your chance to embark on a new self love journey, for the sea, for the people and for our future.

Welcome to your mindful approach to beauty. 

Visit www.surfrider.org to learn how your support benefits our ocean. 

Meet the Owner

Hello Sea keepers, my name is Brenja, the mermaid behind Sea People Beauty. 
You will never see me as genuinely happy as when I am with my family paddling, swimming, exploring, sailing or advocating for the sea.
This company was born as a solution to begin using friendlier and less irritating ingredients on my sensitive skin, realizing that everything we consume has immediate and long term effects, not only on our bodies but on our ocean.

My life long passion and respect for the ocean has been manifested by years of living by the sea, enamored with its beauty and power. From California to the Caribbean and back, my family and I have never lived far from the shoreline. I have visited oceans around the world and the beautiful cultures that accompany each one. This reminds me that we may have different ways of life but we still have one thing that connects us all, the ocean. 

Living a life so integrated with the ocean by never being far from the waters edge has helped me to understand how much the ocean plays a part in our ecosystem and how we directly contribute to the oceans health, whether we realize it or not. My inherent love for ocean and for natural beauty lit a creative spark within me to hand craft small batch beauty products. My every intention is to shed an innovative light on beauty and skin care rituals and give back to the ocean more than we take from it.

This is for the Sea and for the People. 

Stay Salty,