Taking beauty to the next level

We believe in coexisting with our ocean.

This is why you will see clean ingredients and ocean minded materials in your Sea People Beauty products & the reason we donate 10% of our profits to marine life and ocean conservation and protection.

Beautify with Purpose.

Our Mission
  • Plant Based Ingredients

    Botanical ingredients offer a biodegradable solution and minimalist packaging provides regenerative solutions to beauty without compromising our health or that of our oceans marine life.

  • Quality with Purpose

    Let’s reduce, reuse & recycle at the beauty level. Sea People offers glass bottles and aluminum lids among other recyclable packing. Choose a Refill bottle as an alternative to repurchasing smaller bottles!




  • Donations for Ocean

    Sea People Beauty rides the environmental wave that’s here to stay. Donating 10% of all net proceeds to fellow ocean minded companies committed to preserving, protecting and providing regeneration for our ocean and our future.